Welcome to a REVOLUTION!

By God's grace we are shifting the church from just making
meetings to making disciples.

To do this we are educating believers in what a Biblically mature
disciple looks like and training church leaders how to make these
powerful Christ-like beings.

Not another program, but
real answers to real problems in the
church today.

Answers For:

  •        Pastor Burnout
  •        Follow-up and people “falling through the cracks”
  •        Church Growth and Attendance
  •        Church “Hopping”
  •        Tithes and Offerings
  •        Immorality in the Church
  •        Powerless Christianity
  •        Reaching the Lost

If you want to get off the church tread-mill of doing meeting after
meeting while your community remains lost...
then this is for you.

You will never look at church or do church the same way again!
                                   Yours in Christ,
 Mark Swiger
Mark Swiger
President and Founder
Mark Swiger Ministries